Want to setup your www.roku.com/link device online?

To Setup your Roku streaming player is really simple as you have to find the Roku.com/link to get your Roku start. But we can understand you still might have a few problems during the setup of www.roku.com/link. Here we have tried to answer the most frequent questions customers have when setting up a new Roku device.

Setup Roku player online



www.roku.com/link setup guidelines described below:


• On an initial step, connect the Roku player to your TV set using a cable wire.
• Your Internet must be working properly please check in advance.
• After that try to connect your power adapter to the device.
• Moving further just click on the power button to receive the access to the setup screen.
• Then a dialog box will be prompt to ask for a network option, choose a appropriate option to connect to the internet.
• The network connection will automatically start the downloading of some latest updates on your Roku device. You need to wait until the installation can be done.


• After getting the installation, the screen will be reboot and will show you a new screen with a unique code displayed on it.
• Then open the website: www.roku.com/link(Rokucomelink) and put the Roku code and click submit.
• Try to create a new account for the Roku activation and also make a login id and password.
• You may also perform channel customization in this section.
• Now you can easily Setup a payment method after logging into your account.
• And once the Roku activation linking process will be done, it will display a congratulations screen, and you are good to go.

If the problems are still in your way then don’t forget to contact on our toll free number. We are available to assist you from anywhere and anytime.