Watch Google Play Movies & TV by connecting Roku device to account

Want to Watch Google play movies & TV on your Roku device? Also, Need to change your Google account? Alright, find all related information here.
Let’s begin with learning more about watch Google play movies & TV on Roku device. Here you can watch Google Play TV & Movies on your Roku device. In order to setup Google Play access, make sure your computer or mobile phone connected to the network. While Setup, you will need to give a Payment method but can’t change or remove until you buy a show or movie.
Basically, Google Play TV & movie is accessible on the Roku device in various Countries such as; United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany and also the United Kingdom.

Google Play Movies & TV running on all recently sold Roku models. For additional help or troubleshooting problems with, contact our Technical experts.

Before accessing your Roku channel store, you must link your Roku device to account. Moreover, you can take step guidance from in order to activate your Roku account.

Procedure to Setup and watch Google Play Movies & TV on Roku Player:

You can stream Google Play Movies & TV on your Roku with the help of following steps:
Through Roku device, open “Channel Store” under Settings or go to channel store through the web.
Then, choose “Google Play Movies & TV” app and click on “Add channel” button.
Afterward, choose “go to channel” option then, click on “sign in” button.
After that, with the help of computer or mobile open a web browser and enter URL “”.
Now, type unique code whose displays on your screen and hit “continue” button.
Analyze the “permission” screen.
Furthermore, verify or add a “payment method” and also follow on-screen instructions in order to set Google PIN.
At last, come back to Roku Device for further search or stream videos.
On the other hand, if you want to modify your existing Google account with new one, you need to follow some simple steps written below.

Steps to switch your Google account:
Generally, In Roku device, you can use only one Google account at a time. However, if you actually want to switch your Google account, you will have to again register your device.
Through “Google Play Movies & TV” app on Roku device, choose “settings” option.
Afterward, sign out the existing account.
Then, again click on “Sign in”, an open web browser from computer or mobile.
Furthermore, visit “” while signed in with your new Google account which you want to use.
At last, Follow rest of instructions accordingly.

Key points:

In order to watch movie trailers on Google play movies app whenever you want, but you need purchase or rent videos through Google account.
PayPal or direct cash billing is not allowed on Roku.
One thing you have to know that, your Google PIN or PIN is separated from each other. In case you lost or forget your Google PIN, you can also reset it.
Your Google PIN is used for all associated Google products in Google account.
Also, your Roku device store limited downloaded or rent videos for watching, you can go to stream your videos offline.